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In addition to being a mom of 3, Jill Lane has spent over 15 years consulting, coaching and teaching functional nutrition and exercise physiology. Her passion for helping pro athletes, sports families and high achievers attain max strength, quick recovery, heightened energy, sharp focus and optimal body fat for peak performance has become the cornerstone of her business. Learn more at JillLane.com and Instagram @teamfuelingchampions

Immune Health: Do You Have a Good Game Plan?

Our immune system has ‘game’ as long as we provide the best possible playing field for it to execute its game plan on. To tell you the truth, we can be doing a cruddy job of taking care of ourselves and our immune system will still go to bat for us! Lucky us! But [...]

Shoelaces, Spirals and Spinach: Why Teaching Your Child to Cook is as Important as Teaching Them to Tie Their Shoe, or Throw a Spiral

How else are they (your kiddos) going to be healthy unless they learn to both identify healthy food and then prepare it for themselves and eventually for their family and friends? I was nodding my head in agreement reading a Time Magazine article just recently entitled How To Eat Now with the tag line [...]

3 Hidden Hurdles to Peak Athletic Performance

Going Beyond the Obvious… As an athlete, you know the basics to become lean and toned. Eat plenty of protein, high-fiber foods, and healthy fat. Get the nutrients your body demands for peak performance. Incorporate the right exercise and constantly mix things up so you don’t stagnate, or increase your chance of injury. What [...]

My 2015 Quest

I may be biased, I believe educated athletes make amazing leaders.* I’m concerned. With a record total of almost 7.8 million high school athletes in the US[1] and with the number of kids taking ADHD meds or digestive support meds on the rise[2]…I’m afraid that we are fleecing our pool of future leaders for [...]

The Best-Kept Secrets to Performing at Your Competitive Best

Guest Blog by Ultimate Performance Expert Deborah Dubree www.YourClearEdge.com I’m curious – does any of this ever happen to you? You work hard to build your physical strength, flexibility and power. You practice your skills and techniques over and over again to be sure you are fully prepared to play your absolute best. But [...]

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Do You Have a Winning Game Plan?

There is a great quote by business guru Jim Rome (no, not the same as sports television guru Jim Rhome!) that goes something like this “You are the average of the 5 people you hang around most.” I love that quote. I check in on my circle from time to time to see how [...]

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