Nutrition Performance Programs for Pro-Athletes and High Achievers

Are you ready to take your game and your health to the next level…

If you…

Have been busting your butt in training, during games and in the off-season and feel like there’ s just something missing,

Want to lengthen your career, rebound from injuries faster and recover from games and stressful days with ease…

Wish the nutrition supplies you need (vitamins, water, sports drinks, testing and more) could get delivered to your door when you need them the most- because let’s face it you’re busy?

Then you are in the right place, find a program that fits your needs below and contact our team to get started…THE TIME IS NOW!

Test for Athletic Success

This is the first step in taking your ‘game’ to the next level!

  • Wish you could stop guessing what you should be eating, and if you need to take supplements or not?
  • Ever wonder if your genes are trying to tell you how you should eat and train for max performance?
  • Want to stop guessing what sort of exercise you should be doing to get optimal results, and make those results FINALLY stick?

We can find out all of the above plus much much more!

Test for Success includes 2 cutting edge nutrition tests which tell you what you should be eating, how you should be training, if you need vitamins or not and if there are any foods that are slowing you down (yes, even some healthy foods can slow you down).

Plus 3 – 45 minute visits with Jill Lane to design YOUR custom program around your test results – ensuring your success!

Email to get started

Women in the Fast Lane

For busy, motivated women (and smart business men) who want to look and feel there best!

You know who you are; you want results, you’re motivated and ready to take action. Email if you are ready!

Program includes Test for Success plus 3 months coaching with Jill Lane and her Fast Lane Team to ensure results and success.

Platinum VIP Program for Pro-Athletes

The ultimate in concierge nutrition service reserved for professional athletes  (football, basketball, hockey, soccer and baseball) and athletic-minded peak performers.

Benefits of Being a VIP

Jill hand picks her VIP clients.
Apply to receive a performance strategy session with Coach Jill!

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