“When I became a professional athlete, I thought that intense workouts and cardiovascular endurance were all I needed to maintain a high performance level. With Jill Lane, I quickly discovered I had to work on the nutritional and supplemental needs specific to my body. Jill has helped me become a well rounded player and establish methods of recovery that will lengthen my career in the NFL.

DeMarcus Ware #94 Denver Broncos

“I recommend working with Jill to anyone who’s come the realization that their health is worth an investment of both time and money. Jill’s got terrific knowledge and is committed to focusing of your individual case. I loved working with her.

Norm Hitzges - Radio show host and personality 1310 The Ticket

What I love about Jill Lane is the personal attention.  Whatever hurdles you are trying to overcome, she is right there with you.  She takes on your problems, and it becomes a ‘We’ thing – she let’s you know that she’s in the battle with you.  We are on the way to my optimal performance!”

Marcus Spears Former Dallas Cowboy and Baltimore Raven

“Mrs. Lane helped me understand my body and how important nutrition and proper fuel is before a practice, game or in everyday movements (something not all athletes fully understand). By working with Jill I was able to improve my stamina, which was key for me, especially in the summer workouts. My goal was to add muscle weight; I put on 10 lean pounds which helped me move around the court effectively.”

Ekpe Udoh #8 Center/Power Forward , LA Clipper and Milwaukee Buck Now with Fenerbahce, Euroleague

Guest Speaker

“Jill’s message was clear, concise, and easy for the kids to put into practice. Our students had no trouble building a nutritional meal with selections from each of the food groups discussed during the hands-on learning Jill planned.  I know that the immediate opportunity to use what they learned from Jill during the activity provided will help the information gathered stay with them as they grow!  Well done! Thanks again for arming the next generation with the kind of information that has the power to truly shape their bodies and minds.” 

Amanda McGlothlin, Science Teacher – Liberty Christian School


Woman In The Fast Lane

“I worked with Jill for just 3 months and lost 28 pounds. That is 7 sticks of butter people!! Not only is Jill a nutritional expert, she’s also a practical mom of three. She is a great motivator and could always help me out of the “what’s for dinner?” rut. I cant say enough good things about her. It’s not exaggerating to say she changed my life!~ Megan Sun – smart, busy mom of 2

Follow up from Megan 7 months after completing the program…

“Months after working with Jill I continue to lose weight. She taught me what I need to know to eat healthy even in the “real world.”

“Jill and her program helped me become a changed women! I not only lost all my pregnancy weight, which was more then expected because I had been bed-ridden, I lost more! My norm had always been size 10, but now I am in a size 8 or sometimes 6. I don’t remember ever being this size. I feel awesome. I follow everything Jill taught me, I also enjoy JJ Virgins daily advice and recipes, as she recommended. I look at every plate for my veggies, protein, good fat, and good carb (just in morning and lunch). I’d recommend her program to anyone who wants to look and feel there best!” ~ Miriam D. 2014

Student Athletes and Parents from
Eat Better Play Better

“I was looking for someone who I could trust to help my athletic teenage gain weight/muscle mass safely and effectively in order to improve his athletic performance.  I love that Jill is a mom. She understands what it is like to feed a family despite a very busy schedule.”  ~ Amy and son Clay (15), Nashua, NH

“We are like most parents, we want our kids to eat well so they can feel and perform well…We just didn’t know what and how much…with Jill our kids now eat, feel and perform at levels we never imagined possible.”  ~ BJ Gorman and sons Grant (12) and Chase (8), Frisco, TX

You can learn tips and tools from Jill at her class at


“I have known and worked with Jill for almost 10 years now.  It has been an extreme pleasure the whole time.  Jill is a continual student that I completely respect, always improving her knowledge and abilities.  She is always on the cutting edge of nutrition, lab testing, supplementation and various techniques.  Her clients always seem to break through barriers that hold others back.  I know this is due to her focus on getting their health optimized internally.  When metabolism is optimized performance is better. She has been very caring and such a pleasure to talk shop with as well.  It really has been a blessing and pleasure working with her all these years and I look forward to the years to come.” ~ Jarrett Phillips – Functional Movement Specialist, Functional Movement Academy (

“Jill takes her clients to level they never thought they could achieve. If you want to be healthy and live the best quality of life then Jill is your best…~ George DiGianni – Radio Host The Train Health and Fitness Show 1310 The Ticket

“Jill Lane is one of the best health educators I have ever known! I have worked with her for several years and she still continues to impress me with the scope of her knowledge of Exercise Physiology, Functional Medicine, and Clinical Nutrition. In addition she brings to her clientele a great and genuine sense of caring with a “let’s get this done” attitude. This is a rare combination. Jill is a great asset to have on your healthcare and wellness team! ~ Suzanne E. Mack, M.D. – North Texas Institute for Functional Medicine

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